Promote clean and healthy air by choosing the best air purifier for home

Would you like to create a clean and fresh environment for your family in your home? Then you have to buy a home air purifier. This air purifier purifies all the dust, invasive air particles, minuscule toxins, grime and germs in your home and make your home environment clean besides creating a pleasant ambiance. You can safely dispose the amassed air particles far from your place. In fact, this purifier makes your home a better place to live in. Moreover, your children and elders in the home can inhale fresh air and stay healthy all the time.

Purifying your home with the best home air purifier helps you to get rid of all health issues besides dispelling the harmful particles. Moreover, this keeps your children away from dust allergies. Pure and healthy air in the home promotes sound health. The best part of these purifiers is that, it drains out the unpleasant pet dander smell that irks you. There are different modeled air purifiers swamping the market. You can choose the best air purifier for home after comparing two to three best models side by side with their features and prices.

There are different types of air purifiers available in the market. Each air purifier uses different filtering technology to purify the air. Here are a few purifiers described below:

High efficiency particular air filters (HEPA)

This type of filter purifies 99% of dust particles from your home, and has the ability to filter out even 0.3 microns of dust especially radioactive particles from your vicinity. However, this filter allows minute dust particles to pass through it. The pollens, mold particles, and fine dust particles can be filtered with this purifier. The drawback of this filter is that, you need to change the filter in the equipment on a regular basis for its effective operation. Many people prefer to purchase this purifier because it has the ability to filter out dust allergens at a brisk pace. You need to purchase this type of filter as per your room size. This type of filter is available in different sizes. The big filters remove more dust particles. However, not only size, the other elements such as construction, material used in making the product, and quality of filters equipped in these filters matters for its performance.

Activated carbon filters

This filter, when teams up with other filters, works well and drains out all the dust particles from your home. These filters are perfect for eliminating bad odor, chemical smell, fumes, and smoke from your vicinity and allow you to breathe happily. Generally, one pound of carbon has thousands of tiny pores, which has the ability to absorb odor and gases quickly. You need to purchase the purifiers that are made of massive carbon, since the bigger the carbon is, the more efficiently it works in absorbing in gases. However, you need to replace the carbon periodically because when it is full, it loses the ability to absorb the chemical pollutants.

Charged media filters

This filter uses two technologies to purify the air in your home. This best home air purifier has the ability to filter out even minute dust particles that are of 0.1 micron from the air inside the home in a short time. However, the disadvantage of this filter is that the electrostatic precipitator filter has to be changed frequently since it loses its efficiency after a couple of usages. Moreover, this filter emits ozone as its by-product.

Ion and Ozone generators

Though the charged media filters produce a small amount of ozone, these purifiers produce a massive amount of ozone. But, this ozone is actually responsible to curtail the allergens such as dust, grime, germs, pollens and other harmful air particles from air. This filter emits ions in the vicinity and these ions get blended with the impurities and attract them to stick to the surface of the filter. Though, this emits ozone, few people prefer this filter to kill mold and invasive pathogens.

Anti-bacterial filters

This filter fights against the bacteria and germs in the air and drain them out from your home. This type of filter uses UV light to kill the germs and bacteria. These are perfect to use in hospitals, kitchens, laboratories and day care centers. This is the best home air purifier that is efficient to get rid of mold in your home. If your family members are prone to illness or allergies very often, then this filter would be a right choice of purchase.