Risk included in using the cannabis regularly

People all over the world have used cannabis from thousands of years for different reasons. Cannabis affects people in different ways. It may depend on the person, the situation and the type and quality of the cannabis. People use cannabis when they see that its effects are beneficial for them. But get addicted of cannabis have many risk for the physical and mental condition of the people.

How can you get addicted to cannabis?

Research shows that 10% of cannabis users are become addicted to it. The risk of addiction and dependency on the cannabis is usually higher when the person starts consuming it from the teenage. With the regular use you can develop a tolerance of cannabis which means that you need more cannabis to get the same effect.

If you stop using it, you may get withdraw symptoms like mood swing, anxiety, craving and difficulty in sleeping. The risk occur from the cannabis is increased when you start using with tobacco and any other type of drug.

What are the different risks of using cannabis?

  • Cannabis can be harmful to your lungs

The people who smoke cannabis regularly can have irritation in their lungs and the lining of lungs can be inflamed. Like tobacco cannabis smoke contains cancer causing elements but it not clearly studied that they will raise the risk of cancer. If you mix it with tobacco to smoke then you can get lung diseases like lung cancer, obstructive diseases etc.

  • More likely to be injured in road traffic

The reason behind the illegality of drug and drink driving is that, if your drive after using the cannabis then you has no control on your body and mind and you are more likely to be involved in an accident.

  • Cannabis can be harmful in pregnancy

The research studies say that using cannabis regularly during pregnancy can affect the development of unborn baby. Regularly smoke cannabis with tobacco and other drugs may increase the risk of the baby being born premature or small.

  • Cannabis increase the risk of disease and stroke

If you smoke regularly for long time cannabis can raise the chance of cardiovascular diseases and strokes. Smoking the cannabis can increase the risk but the active ingredients of the cannabis plant not have the risk.

Does the age affect the risk of cannabis?

The risk of harm of cannabis is higher when you start using it from teenage in regularity. The reason behind is that during the teenage years the brain is forming its connections and still growing but the cannabis interferes with the process.

While using the cannabis make sure to get the advice of any reputed doctor who can help you to get all the knowledge of using the cannabis on right time and in right amount. It is very important to use the weed or any other drug in a right amount so that it will not have negative effect on the body and you can get the maximum benefits provided by it.

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