Some words about me

I’m 22 years old, currently working as an IT Consultant for The Fulcrum Consulting Group, and living in Hawthorn, Victoria. Previously I was working at doing tech-support type things…

My friends are very important to me.. here’s a short outline of some of them.. the rest will be added when I have the time (not likely to be soon).

Mariah Carey, The Cranberries and The Corrs are absolutely brilliant. Here is my music page (there is not much here)

I am also a big fan of the British sci-fi/comedy series, Red Dwarf and the US sci-fi series, Babylon 5. You might also want to look at Pathfinder’s Babylon 5 page.

I’m sometimes hanging out on IRC, although idle most of the time…if you’re really that interested, you can go here for more info

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